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Since starting my clinical practice it has been my privilege to help my clients discover effective approaches in dealing with the adversities in their lives. Read on to learn what clients have to say about their experience with my counselling services, and contact me today to schedule your own session.

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"Before counselling I struggled with feelings of shame, guilt, embarrassment and defectiveness, and I had a little level of trust in others. Now I can identify my strengths, I understand my reactions better and I try to not judge them just to analyse them instead. I had increased positive views of myself and I developed the ability to seek support from the people who can help me when I need it. 

Andreea facilitated an environment that felt supportive and safe. I communicated easily with her using my own language. I found myself comfortable, heard and understood. She helped me to focus on appropriate and accurate reflections and allow me to emote." (Male, 30s)

"Andreea gave me the time, safe space and openness to explore my grief. She widened my viewpoint and challenged my views in a constructive way. The whole sessions were holistic. Counselling has instilled in me coping mechanisms which I know will allow me to be flexible and creative in my personality and approaching difficult situations. Thank you Andreea!" (Female, 30s) 

"Andreea has helped me so much. She has allowed me to think about how I really feel, my worries and fears. She is a great listener and so kind and caring. Thank you so much Andreea!" (Female, 50s) 

"Andreea, you are a wonderful Counsellor! Always calm, prepared and very understanding. You encouraged me to listen to my instincts, communicate with others and always facilitated whatever I wanted to chat about. I've got new ways of dealing with stress and grief that I learnt in our sessions, I'm very grateful." (Female, 20s) 

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